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Leading the way to next-generation marketplaces. Custom. Robust. Scalable.
Insourced within your teams or outsourced to us, always open source.


We build the next generation marketplace solutions.

With over 60 major projects worldwide, Cocolabs is the world leader for service marketplaces by sales volume and platform valuation.


Tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Cocolabs works with you to ensure you have the perfect marketplace for your business. From large companies to start-ups, and everything in between, we’ve helped clients find their footing and distinguish themselves in their industries.


Own your marketplace. Go open source.

Get to know Cocorico, our revolutionary open source solution for creating on-demand and service marketplaces for all. With 1600+ features and streamlining 500,000+ transactions, Cocorico is the most dependable and powerful tool in the industry.

We build tailor made marketplaces for companies around the world
And we happen to be pretty good at it.

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  • Thanks to you, we were able to launch our website quickly, with all the essential features for launching a business successfully.
    François de Landes, CofounderMisterBNB
  • Incredible!
    Laurent Bernede, CofounderWeFarmUp
  • Excellent project management and perfect technique, basically everything you need to launch your startup.
    Julien Delon, CofounderSejourning
  • Although our request was very complex and specific, development moved swiftly forward, all in good mood.
    Guillaume Leboucher, CofounderLabtoo
  • The skills brought by Cocolabs in matter of consulting, design and development have greatly contributed to our success.
    Jean-René Sellos, Associate DirectorDogVacances
  • We were able to focus on the user experience, our marketing strategy and vendor/buyer acquisition because the technical aspects were perfectly mastered.
    Thomas Lion, ConfounderCommunivy
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The press loves our clients almost as much as we do :

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Recognized for its rich feature-set, Cocorico is the first choice solution for leading startups around the world.

Meet the first marketplace solution dedicated to service marketplaces.

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