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Sorting by recommended items (proposed by default) seeks to provide the applicant with the results most likely to result in a transaction.

The recommended classification is in the following order.

1. Place

The search by place proposes a series of results near the place sought. This is classified into two lists :

  • Exact results
    The exact results are the results of which the locality (i.e street, postal code, city, department, region or country) matches exactly where you want to go.
  • Close results
    The second part of the list includes all the results close to the searched location, as defined by the default viewport provided by Google Maps.

2. Availability

When searching by date, the two lists of the results by places mentioned above are divided into two groups, each with varying degrees of preference :

  • Confirmed availability
    Services with availability dates matching the dates inputed in the search engine are offered first.
  • Unknown availability
    Services with unknown availability concerning the inputed date are offered after those services in the first group.

3. Rating system on the platform

Ratings are given to each listing based on the following rules (Note that ratings with higher weight, naturally, are reflected in the sum of the ratings greater than one of a lower weight.) :

  •  A rating given by the administrator has a weight of 5. This rating is given by the administrator in a free and subjective manner. The administrator’s score is 0 to 10, with increments of 0.5.
  • Comprehensiveness of the listing has a weight of 4. This takes into account the amount of information provided by the author of the listing, and rates them accordingly to the fullness of the listing:
    • Are certain features specified?
    • Is the title filled in?
    • Does the description contain more than 250 characters?
    • Is the price accurate?
    • Does the listing contain more pictures than the minimum amount?
    • Etc.
  • The most recent update on the listing’s calendar has a weight of 4. When the calendar is regularly updated, it suggests a willingness to respond to claims and provide benefits. A different rating is given based on the last modification date of the calendar.
    1. In the case where two results have the same ranking, they are separated by geographical distance from the searched location.
    2. Calculation of classification is done automatically once a day.
  • Number of benefits given in the last 30 days has a weight of 4. A high rate of benefit provision in a recent period suggests willingness to respond to claims and provide benefits. A different rating is given based on the number of bookings paid and not canceled within the last 30 days.
  • Message response rate of the seller has a weight of 4.
    • To calculate the response rate, the number of messages sent to other users is divided by the total number of messages a user has.
  • Acceptance rate of the seller has a weight of 4. The acceptance rate of the seller corresponds to the percentage of requests it has accepted, regardless of the outcome of the reservation.
  • Number of successful transactions has a weight of 4. The number of successful transactions is calculated from the number of bookings whose transfer has been authorized in relation to the total number of bookings.
  • Response time has a weight of 4. This takes into account the response time of the seller in order to favor those who are the most reactive to requests by potential customers. The response time is calculated on the amount of time between the last message received and the response given for each thread.
    If no response has been given by the potential buyer, this time is not taken into account. A different rating is assigned according to the average response time.
  • A certified” status has a weight of 4. Certain listings may have a “certified” status given to them by the administrator. Having this “certified” status improves the position of that user’s listing in search inputs.
  • A bonus weight of 3 is given to new sellers. This is done to welcome new users to the marketplace and allow new services to regularly come user’s attention.
  • A random bonus weight of 2 is doled out in order to prevent bid resistance. Hence, a random bonus is awarded to 5% of the site’s listings, and is re-distributed every day.
    A listing with a random bonus is allocated one weight between 1 and 5 randomly.
  • Scoring received from other users has a weight of 5. This is present with the primary purpose being to remove bad suppliers rather than promoting good suppliers. This approach follows the notion that a good performance is the minimum expected, while a bad performance must be heavily penalized.
    We take into account the average score of the seller, which is weighted by the number of ratings received.
  • Comprehensiveness of the seller’s profile has a weight of 3. This takes into account the amount of information contained in the profile of the party offering the listing, using similar criterion as listed in rule 2 of this section.


* Minimum commitment of 12 months with a set up to 525 €



Your vendors and buyers can manage and inquire into the progress of a reservation directly by SMS (after their identity has been verified).



Your main vector of traffic acquisition. Improve your positioning on Google thanks to micro-data, a management of the uniqueness of the texts and a reinforced internal mesh .



Your users can save their searches, allowing them to receive notifications via e-mail to any corresponding new offers related to what they might like.

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