OUR SKILLS “à la carte”

In addition to our turnkey solutions, you can benefit from our expertise on demand: consultancy, UX design, software design and architecture, development services, training…


Strategy and consultancy services

Marketplace design and development is still an unchartered domain to which the e-commerce approach only loosely relates. Cocolabs offers consultancy services to guide you through the choices that marketplaces challenge you with: commission policies, internationalization, managing exchange rates on delayed payouts, payment workflows and gateways, user policies…


Usability and user experience design

A clairvoyant approach to designing your platform allows it to be self-sustaining to its specific needs; attracting sellers and buyers, curating listings, improving transformation rates, and so on. We offer usability and UX design services in order to fine-tune your project towards success.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design services allow us to better utilize our knowledge of marketplace design and usability, creating functional aesthetics which instill a sense of professionalism and quality. Our experience allows us to provide polished graphics which subconsciously denote notions of trust, applying our vast expertise in UX design in order to further attract prospective buyers and sellers.

Take a look at our “Clients” section for first-hand examples of our work!


Technical developments

Our pride and joy is Cocorico, Cocolabs’ open source solution dedicated to marketplaces, offering an unparalleled quantity of features. With Cocorico, companies own their own platforms and can judge first-hand the quality of our development services. You can download the Cocorico source code on our site, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our methods and how our development teams can enhance your project.


Ongoing maintenance

Maintenance must advance at the same pace as your business: fast. This speed often results in a qualitative or functional loss for the platform. We follow a continuous quality control methodology. This allows our teams and our customers to be certain that the quality of all the project components is maintained, regardless of the rate at which we are asked to advance.


Hosting and server management

Cocolabs offers full hosting and server management services to ensure a fully integrated production workflow.

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