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The service industry is becoming an ever growing part of the global economy. In 2015, it represented over 74% of GDP in high-income countries. The paradox is that services are still under-represented in e-commerce, barely 5%.

To make the transition towards online services, every service company has to tackle two challenges. Firstly, manage spatio-temporality. Services, unlike products, cannot be shipped away or stored. They are restricted to local time and space and depend on human agents to be performed. Offeror and asker must coincide. Secondly, scale. Selling services means selling human time. To sell more services, you need to hire more.

To resolve these issues, marketplaces like Uber & Airbnb outsource offer to provide solutions everywhere, at anytime. They’ve created a new business model and paved the way for others to come. Building a proper service marketplace, however, is hard. It’s costly, time-consuming and requires strong technical skills. Most existing solutions are expensive and ill-adapted. Over the last three years at Cocolabs, we’ve developed multiple service platforms in dozens of countries. We’ve perfected our solution for building online service marketplaces. That solution is Cocorico. Open Source, with 1, 600 features and 20 extensions, Cocorico is the world’s most complete solution for service marketplaces. Thanks to our expertise, all our platforms are carefully crafted to fit our clients’ expectations and business models.

In French, the rooster goes “Cocorico”. It’s not bravado. It’s not narcissism. It’s the pride of any craftsman for a job well done. And we’re proud of what we do.

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