Activity Book

Children's activities marketplace

Marketplace type: Kids activities marketplace
Tech stack: Cocorico, Symfony3, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat…
Industry: Recreational activities

Activity Book is an Australian platform that helps parents find activities and workshops for their children. Gone are the days of panicking as the holidays arrive and we still don’t know what to get the kids to do. With Activity Book, you will find the dream activity on the dates and times that suit you. Activity Book offers a search engine that integrates date and time search so that parents may find the ideal activity, at the perfect time.

And for us French? We will have to send the kids to Australia, as this platform is not yet available outside of Australia 😉

Activity Book benefits from Cocorico technology and makes use of the following features:

  • search with geolocation
  • search by date and time
  • activity category management
  • search by age group
  • activity session management
  • payments solution tailored to the Australian market

Our services also covered the following areas:

  • advice in selecting the payment provider
  • platform UX and graphic design
  • design of the business rules required for multi-session activities