Social economy e-commerce marketplace

Marketplace type : Product marketplace geared towards charity
Website: www.cestbonesprit.fr
Software: Symfony2
Industry: Social economy

Cestbonesprit.fr is a unique product C2C e-commerce marketplace which allows the seller to share portions of their sales with a non profit organization selected by the buyer.

Cestbonesprit.fr asked us to create their product marketplace.

Within five months, we built them a unique marketplace utilizing Symfony 2, an open source software. Their specific marketplace put special emphasis on:

  • A responsive display, adapting to all smartphone and tablet formats
  • A unique adjustment system for commissions which allows users to define the portion of their transaction which goes towards donations,
  • A smart tool for transfer management separating them towards 3 different recipients,
  • Geolocation functionalities,
  • Automatic mailing services,
  • A simplified management tool
  • SEO optimization

In addition to creating their marketplace, Cocolabs also provided:

  • Comprehensive board web strategy & consultation, assisting them with transmitting their message on an online format
  • Hosting services providing superior cost to performance ratios
  • Customized graphic design fitting their industry