Find your perfect concierge

Type of Marketplace : Marketplace of Concierges
Website :
Tech Stack : Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry : Personal and business services

Conciergering is a platform built to find the one concierge that is perfectly suited to your needs. Need a reservation in a famous restaurant in Antibes? Conciergering offers you the ideal concierge, with sector and local knowledge, perfectly suited to your needs. Conciergering makes your concierge available 24/7, from either your smartphone or computer.

Conciergering has notably taken advantage of the following Cocorico features:

  • Search engine for geolocation, categories and characteristics
  • Payment collection by a trusted third-party
  • Internal messaging
  • Escrowing, split payments & wire transfers
  • Cancellation policy management with full and partial refunds

In addition to the standard Cocorico services, we also provided the following custom functionalities:

  • Real-time request management
  • Building specific workflows for the validation of requests
  • Customer reputation management for optimized targeting by the concierges