Scientific experiments from the most reputable laboratories in Europe

Type of Marketplace : Marketplace for science experiments
Adresse web :
Tech stack : Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry : Scientific Research

Labtoo is the pinnacle of scientific collaboration, allowing researchers to propose and order experiments from their colleagues. This platform allows labs to capitalize on the knowledge and materials of other laboratories to carry out experiments for which they would not previously have the equipment or know-how. At the same time, a laboratory can also offer to carry out experiments for others to generate revenue or credit that they can use towards experiments of their own from other third parties.

Labtoo was built using Cocorico, notably taking advantage of the following features:

  • Search engines to find experts within their chosen research category
  • Price engine based on the experiment needed
  • Prepaid Accounts
  • Transfer Payments
  • Reuse of Funds Collected
  • Payment Escrow Management
  • Management of Cancellation Policies, given partial and/or full refunds according rules set by the seller

We also provided the following additional features and services:

  • Payment Collection Management allowing for the reuse of funds
  • Engine that accounts for the creation of experiments and sets their corresponding prices
  • Management of the exchange between laboratories during the creation of different experiments