Inclusive Platform for LGBTQ-Friendly Housing Rentals

Type of Marketplace : Inclusive, global marketplace for housing rentals
Adresse web : www.misterbandb.com
Tech Stack : Symfony 1.4 (solution legacy)
Industry : Tourism

MisterB&B is an inclusive lodging rental platform dedicated to the LGBTQ Community. MisterB&B is one of the  largest companies in their sector, with more than 55,000 homes spanning 130 countries. They were also notably selected to participate in “500 Startups,” one of the most renowned startup accelerators in the world.


Given the competition in the industry, the implementation of the V1 of MisterB&B required record-breaking deadlines without any room for loss in quality or functionality. The platform was developed under Symfony 1.4, and was notably equipped with the follow functionalities:

  • Creation of a social rating system
  • Booking engine with the option for instant booking
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Management system for incoming and outgoing payments with variable commissions
  • Long-term rental systems with split-payment options
  • As well as any other tools that are usually present in an AirBNB-type platform


Our mission also included the following consulting services:

  • The implementation of the infrastructure for scalable hosting
  • International deployment of the platform
  • Optimized exchange-rate management