Rêve de Châteaux

Castle rentals for stays and events

Type of Marketplace : Charming castle and mansion rentals
Website : www.revedechateaux.com/en/
Tech Stack : Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry : Hospitality, lodging, collaborative consumption, tourism, event-planning

Rêve de Châteaux is a dual-use platform: it allows individuals to discover charming mansions and castles in France and rent them out for lodging or events. This commercial and historical approach gives people the opportunity to discover magnificent castles, whilst also allowing owners to finance their properties by renting them out for events such as weddings and short stays.

Rêve de Châteaux was built using Cocorico, and notably took advantage of the following features:

  • Advanced search engine, searching for
    • Castles
    • Cottage Rentals
    • Private Castle Rentals
    • Locations for Events
  • Price per individual night, set by each provider
  • Yield Management, season pricing
  • Group discount management
  • Optimized Geolocation Enging
  • Payment Escrow Management
  • Management of Cancellation Policies, given partial and/or full refunds according rules set by the seller

Our special customized services also covered the following features:

  • Platform design and conceptualization of business rules
  • Implementation of hosting architecture
  • Development of an automatic-translation mechanism for user-generated content