Marketplace for Boat Rentals

Type of Marketplace : Boat rental marketplace
Website : acquired by
Tech Stack : Symfony 1.4 (legacy solution)
Industry : Boating, Recreation

Sailsharing specializes in boat rentals, allowing you to not only rent out your boat, but also allows other individuals to find available boats for rent during the time of their choosing. They’re an excellent example of a collaborative consumption model, touting an actively networking community of like-minded sailing enthusiasts.

Sailsharing asked us to create their rental service collaborative marketplace.

Within four months, we built them a unique marketplace utilizing Symfony 1.4  (an open-source software) and the beta edition of our own software, Cocorico. To further maximize their site’s success, their marketplace included:

  • Date-based reservations
  • Geolocation functionality
  • Administrative management features
  • Options for multilingual content
  • Online payment management
  • Comprehensive search filters
  • Commissions management

Their marketplace delivery also included services related to our own expertise as:

  • Comprehensive board-web strategy & consultation, assisting them with their message transmission in an online format
  • Customized graphic design tailored to their specific needs