Stables for rent

Type of Marketplace: Stables for rent
Tech Stack : Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry : Equestrian services

Staybler is the “bed and breakfast” of the equestrian world. Niche market, you say? Not when you find out that horseback riding is the third sport with the most licensed members in France, and that Staybler is offering stables for rent all around the world.

Just as AirBNB makes it quick and affordable for people to find accommodation while on the move, Staybler lets riders find accommodation for their horses.

Staybler is built using the Cocorico technology and makes use of the following features:

  • Yield management, seasonal pricing
  • Rebates on larger orders
  • Optimized geolocation engine
  • Escrowing and commissions management
  • Cancellation policy management with partial or full refunds

Our services namely covered the following aspects:

  • Business model implementation
  • Hosting architecture
  • Multilingual strategy for crowd-sourced content
  • SEO strategy