The Haircut

At-Home Barber marketplace

Type of Marketplace : Home-service barber marketplace
Website :
Tech Stack : Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry : Hairdressing

The Haircut is aiming to democratize at-home and in-office barber services for men by providing them through a marketplace with quality so good, it rivals the best hair salons.

The Haircut asked us to create their collaborative service marketplace.

The Haircut Marketplace was achieved using our open-source technology, Cocorico. Among the 1600 features offered by Cocorico, The Haircut used the following features in particular:

  • Outgoing payment management tools
  • SMS-sending engine
  • Shortened transaction process: direct accessibility from the search result
  • Automatic translation tool for user content
  • Easy moderation tools
  • Cocosearch for search optimization
  • Optimized ad deposition tool
  • Responsive display for all smartphone and tablet formats

The marketplace delivery also included the following customized features:

  • Development of a communication strategy tailored to the web
  • Dynamic hosting architecture
  • Graphic designed catered to the industry

A custom-made service marketplace such as The Haircut comes in 5 months from the contract signature.