Wine tasting and wine tourism marketplace

MArketplace type: Wine tasting marketplace
Tech stack: Cocorico, Symfony 3.4, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat…
Industry: Wine tourism, hospitality, sharing economy

WineBNB is a marketplace that allows wine lovers to book a bottle, a tasting, or to stay in a vineyard. This marketplace offers a complete discovery of wine, by the taste of course, but also through a passionate community organizing wine tastings and by trips to the wine estates of the world.

Available in 6 languages, WineBNB allows wine lovers from all over the world to discover a universal passion: wine.

WineBNB is in effect a triple marketplace, each offering distinct services with specific business rules. Thanks to the Cocorico Enterprise Edition architecture, the management of the 3 marketplaces is imperceptible to customers, providers and marketplace operators.

WineBNB carries the following features:

  • Management of wine cellars for private tastings
  • Management of seats available for public tastings
  • Price per night and seasonal price management for stays at vineyards
  • Possibility for customers to rate each wine bottle after a private or public tasting
  • Management of a wine cellar for the tastings that are on offer

Our services for the WineBNB wine marketplace also included:

  • Complete graphic design of the platform
  • Setup of the platform in 6 languages, including Mandarin
  • Setup of Mangopay (specialized PSP) including handling of commissions, escrowing, wire transfers and automatic refunds