The seasonal work platform

Marketplace type: Seasonal work hiring platform
Technologies : Cocorico, Symfony 3.4, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat…
Business: hiring, seasonal work

Workingoo is a platform that brings together employers and seasonal workers.
Like classic hiring websites, employers post a job offer and candidates apply. Unlike classic hiring websites, employers rate workers using different criteria. This way, a new recruiter can have a clear idea of the seasonal worker applying for the job. The employer can view the worker’s previous experiences as well as the comments of former employers on the worker’s punctuality and professionalism, thanks to a gauge indicating the degree to which the worker respects contracts and their duration.
On Workingoo, employers are reassured and seasonal workers are sure to see their wages evolve more rapidly.

Cocorico technology supports Workingoo, featuring:

  • Job offer and job applicants matching engine
  • Calendars managing seasonality of jobs
  • Application and job offer conclusion workflow
  • Resume management
  • Search browser comprising geolocation


We’ve also offered services in the following sectors:

  • Strategic advising on offer acquisition
  • Targeted strategy for user onboarding
  • Platform’s graphic specifications