The outdoor activities marketplace

Type of Marketplace: Sports & Outdoor Activities
Website: www.yakaygo.com
Tech Stack: Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat, etc.
Industry: Sports, Leisure

Yakaygo (pronounced yaka-ee-go) is a sports and outdoor activities marketplace. You want to do a parachute jump? Check. Whitewater rafting in France? Double-check. Hot-air balloon ride? Triple-check. Whatever outdoor activity you wish for, you’ll surely find on Yakaygo. Yakaygo makes outdoor activities more accessible to those of us that wouldn’t know where to go bungee jumping on a random Tuesday afternoon; giving businesses more visibility and making it easier for customers to find adventure.


Yakaygo makes full use of Cocorico’s features, of which:

  • Price-per-booking
  • Price-per-person
  • Price variations depending on the client’s age
  • Group discount management
  • Escrowing, split payments & wire transfers
  • Cancellation policy management with full and partial refunds

Our services also covered:

  • Logo design and general art direction
  • Building a specialized booking engine for different types of activities
  • Individual platform fees on a per-seller basis