How to build a marketplace

A collaborative and iterative process

Our method for building marketplaces has been proven to work


Functional Specifications Document

As the first opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, this document thoroughly details the entire functional scope of your platform and serves as a comprehensive roadmap for the rest of the project. It allows us to define and better understand the product you’ll be receiving, and how much time it will take to develop and its cost.  See an example

Production launch

A project manager is assigned to your project as your single point of contact. The production schedule is created and the relevant resources are allocated to your project.

Wireframe design

Based on your specifications, the wireframes are barebones models used to define user interfaces and use cases. This allows us to ensure both an optimal user experience and that the entire feature set you require is present. See an example

Graphic Design

Our design skills go hand in hand with our knowledge of functional web design and marketplace conception. Working from your wireframes, our team of designers builds both an image and an experience that are fully aligned with your business.

Code work

Built on the large base that Cocorico provides, our development team customizes your marketplace to your exact specifications. Our production methodology helps us maintain the highest quality and maintainability of your code. 

Quality control

Your project manager not only ensures continuous quality control on deliverables, they also carry out and enforce major quality control once all the deliverables are ready. Your completed project will only be presented to you for final validation once your PM has green-lighted it.

Live launch & hosting

Your marketplace is hosted on the server of your choice (it’s your marketplace after all). You can insource future developments or outsource hosting to us, alongside the majority of our customers.

Maintenance et évolutions


We will help you select the best candidates and train your teams.

Prefer to outsource to us?

À la carte or through a maintenance contract we will be at your side through the lifetime of your marketplace.

Think big and think long term. With Cocorico, you retain full ownership of your marketplace and the ability to outsource or insource as needed.

Looking for a company to help you build your marketplace?
What a coincidence! That’s exactly what we do.

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  • Excellent project management and perfect technique, basically everything you need to launch your startup.
    Julien Delon, CofounderSejourning
  • We were able to focus on the user experience, our marketing strategy and vendor/buyer acquisition because the technical aspects were perfectly mastered.
    Thomas Lion, ConfounderCommunivy
  • The skills brought by Cocolabs in matter of consulting, design and development have greatly contributed to our success.
    Jean-René Sellos, Associate DirectorDogVacances
  • Thanks to you, we were able to launch our website quickly, with all the essential features for launching a business successfully.
    François de Landes, CofounderMisterBNB