Marketplace de location de voitures entre particuliers

Type Marketplace: car rental marketplace entre private
web address: imminent launch!
Technologies: Cocorico, Symfony2, MongoDB, Google Maps API, Behat …
Sector: Mobility, collaborative consumption

IzzyCar is a company Specialized in renting vehicles among Individuals in Canada.

IzzyCar Asked us to create collaborative Their Rental Marketplace.

This performance was achieved using open source technology developed by Cocorico Cocolabs and makes use particular features among 1600 offers by Cocorico:

  • a tool for Calculating costs per kilometer Traveled,
  • Among users a rating system,
  • a deposit of optimized ad
  • of geolocalistion,
  • an ergonomic management time per calendar
  • automatic translation of happy,
  • a management tool transfers to Canada, It Does not use the Iban.

The delivery also included services related to our own expertise as:

  •  the definition of a communication strategy tailored to the web,
  • a scalable hosting offer
  • a design incorporating the industry codes while defining their own identity.

A marketplace of tailor-rental services as Izzycar occurred in 4 months from contract signature.